Certified Technologist in Emerging Technologies

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About this Event

Communities worldwide are about to face major disruptions due to automation, supported by 7 emerging technologies.Post COVID -19 world will be different and with new challenges in job market. Pakistan is also stepping into the new world with innovative job careers and a new phase of opportunities. Everyone has to prepare for that. 

In partnership with IdeaGist, we are going to arrange this course on Emerging technology for duration of 6th months. In which you can get basic knowledge of 7 Emerging Technologies along with hands on experience. our experts from all over the world will be there to facilitate you. 

There will be total 24 sessions of 2 hours each and 2 hours for online workshop for each technology. Following are the course contents and other details.



  • How to know the future – a science worth learning
  • The Technology Revolution – Know the full picture
  • Jobs going away – Don’t waste your time and energy on these jobs
  • Jobs of the Future – Be prepared for an exciting future
  • Skills for all jobs
  • 7 emerging technologies identified by IdeaGist as the major disruptors
  • 3D Printing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Work Ethics for all times and how to foster them
  • Augmented/Virtual Reality
  • Blockchain
  • Internet of Things
  • Working Remotely, how to get noticed
  • Intelligent Vehicles
  • Smart Robots
  • Quantum Computing, Gene Editing, Nano Engineering
  • Career Starting points and how to build a career plan
  • How to fund your career growth
  • Starting Freelancing Business
  • The art of making a deal
  • Technology for future businesses
  • Businesses of the Future
  • Career Plan Competition, Round 1
  • Career Plan Competition, Round 2
  • Career Plan Competition, Final Round


Course Outcomes

A career plan with solid understanding of all emerging technologies, their career potential, areas that you can learn and get started with a high-demand skill in emerging technologies.


Course Format

24 Live Online classes over a period of Six months, One Class every week. Total 120 Hours of learning.


Course Fee

PKR 4,000 per month or PKR 18,000 if paid in advance. Before registering, please make sure that the fee is deposited to our accounts for either the first month or for all the whole course, using the following information:

  • Submit fee (either PKR 4,000 for first month, or PKR 18,000 for six months) in account number 03190104150926 of any Meezan Bank branch. The account belongs to Gist Technology (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Submit the Registration on this page.
  • Send the “Deposit Receipt”, “Name” and “CNIC” on this email: info@ideagist.com and WhatsApp: +92-345-5179087.



Certified Technologist in Emerging Technologies by IdeaGist 


Certification (optional)

All the students will get a certificate by IdeaGist on completion of course but if anyone wants to get a certificate from International Institute for Knowledge and Innovation, and TechCast Global along with it then he/she can get certificate by paying fee 50 USD. This certificate is optional and can be provided on demand.


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